Assembly of Ultrasonic Flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for the Medical Industry


To manufacture ultrasonic flex assemblies for a medical industry application, made from polyimide, TCS Electronics used a variety of steps and a wide array of equipment. A custom preparation fixture was used to prepare the panel. After loading the boards in a surface mount technology board carrier, equipping the PCB with surface mount technology, and screen printing, the component underwent inspection, pick and place assembly, and washing.

The panel was tested using Manufacturing Defects Analyzer, and a .0012 inch to .0051 inch conformal coating was applied. Depaneling was conducted using a die cutting press.

The assembly weighed .010 pounds and featured LEDs. The tightest tolerance upheld throughout manufacturing was .030mm.

To ensure the integrity of the assembly many in-process testing procedures were performed, including first piece inspection and manufacturing inspection, as well as quality inspection, where a 20 percent sample of each rack was checked. Critical inspection involved verifying the polarity of the LEDs and ensuring they were straight and flush, and verifying there were no contaminants or solder in critical contact areas. After the conformal coating was inspected, final inspection made sure that all aspects of the PCB matched the client’s drawings and IPC-610 standards. When all aspects of the final inspection were complete, the PCB assembly was packaged in nested, conductive vacuum-formed trays, with 12 boards per tray. The assemblies were then delivered to our client.

Product Description

This Ultrasonic Flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is used within a Medical application

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Panel Preparation
Load Boards in SMT Board Carrier
Screen Printing
SMT-Surface Mount Technology
Pick and Place Assembly
Panel Testing

  • Program Testing

Conformal Coating

  • .0012" to .0051" Thick


  • Using the die cutting press singulate the boards

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Custom Preparation Fixture
Hudson H-Series Cutting Press
DEK 265 Screen Printer
Conveyor Driven Washer
Magnified Black Light
Juki 760
Vitronics XPM2-520 Reflow oven
Trek Triton IV, In-line RO Cleaner
Omega Meter 600 Cleanliness Tester
Magnifying Light
Checksum Analyst ems Manufacturing Defects Analyzer (MDA

Tightest Tolerances

.030 mm

Material Used




In process testing performed

First Piece Inspection
Manufacturing Inspection: Inspect 100%
Reference Customer Drawings and Bill of Materials
Touch Up using Soldering Iron When Necessary
Record any Defects
Quality Inspection: 20% Sample Inspection of Each Rack
Critical Inspection:                                                                         
Testing on MDA
Verify Polarity of LEDs                 
Ensure LEDs are Straight and Flush
Verify there is no Contaminates or Solder in Critical Contact Areas
Conformal Coating Inspection:
Verify All areas are Coated using Magnified Black Light
Verify all Date Codes Match Traveler
Final Inspection:
Inspect to customers drawing and IPC-610 standards
Inspect all Tab Locations Cut During Depaneling
Verify Test Completed by Correct Revision
Place 12 Boards Per Tray

Estimated Part Weight

.010 lbs

Industry for use



Conductive Vacuum Formed, Nested Trays

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Print ANSI/IPC-CM-770 Class 3
ANSI/IPC-S-815 Class 3
ANSI/IPC-A-610 Class 3

Product Name

Ultrasonic Flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB)