Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

printed circuit board assembly

At TCS Electronics, Inc., we offer a diverse range of circuit board manufacturing capabilities, including flexible, surface mount, multilayer, and plated through-hole options. Our printed circuit board assemblies are ISO and ITAR- certified, meeting the rigorous standards of industries such as transportation, communications, and medical. Additionally, we provide secondary services such as cutting, conformal coating, testing, and high-speed machining to further support our customers’ needs.

TCS Electronics utilizes the Universal Advantis Series featuring:

  • Lightning head to optimize speed across many placements.
  • Multi-function flex head handling the full spectrum of components from chips to 150x150x25mm odd-form components.
  • Intelligent feeders with offline setup and bar-coding to minimize setup and change over time.
  • NPI module to increase first-piece runs and minimize start-up time. 0201 and 01005 capabilities.
  • Linear Motor Positioning System for increased speed and accuracy.

What it means for our customers:

  • Increased quality and faster turn times.
  • Ability to grow with the customer to supply them with all of their manufacturing needs.