Custom Manufactured Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 
Assembly for the Medical Industry

Custom Manufactured Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly for the Medical Industry

To manufacture this featured custom-manufactured PCB assembly for the medical industry, TCS Electronics used multiple processes. Beginning with screen printing on a DEK 265 screen printer, we set about meeting our client’s precise specifications.

With surface mount technology as the backbone of the PCB, we conducted automatic optical inspection to ensure the PCB was developed in accordance with the design and specifications. Once the technological aspects were complete, we used a combination of manual assembly and electro-mechanical assembly to complete the basic board. After washing the PCB, we conducted flash programming testing and functional testing and labeled and inspected the board.

The final board, made primarily of FR4, measured 3X5.5 inches with a fine pitch device of .020 inches and featured an amber LED and a linear sensor. Weighing .070 pounds, the PCB was packed in a metal foil ESD bubble bag, and placed in an over-pack box lined with pink poly bubble wrap. We then delivered the PCB to our client.

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Custom Manufactured Printed Circuit Board Assembly for the Medical Industry

Product Description
This Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly is used within a Medical application
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Screen Printing
SMT-Surface Mount Technology
Manual Assembly
Electro-Mechanical Assembly

  • Flash Programming
  • Functional Testing


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

DEK 265 Screen Printer
Juki 760
Vitronics XPM2-520 Reflow oven
Trek Triton IV, In-line RO Cleaner
Omega Meter 600 Cleanliness Tester
Magnifying Light
LSM 3D Paste inspection System
Hektor 2 Board Depaneler
Custom Functional Test Fixture
Mirec MV2 AOI

Overall Part Diminsions

3" x 5.5"

Fine Pitch Device


Material Used



  • Amber LED
  • Linear Sensor

In process testing performed

First Piece Inspection:
Check For Correct Placement, Polarity, and Orientation of
Installed Components
Check Component Values and Location
Manufacturing Inspection: Inspect 100%
Reference Customer Drawings and Bill of Materials
Check Each Panel for Correct Placement and Polarity of
Installed Components
Record any Defects
Quality Inspection: 20% Sample Inspection of Each Rack
Final Inspection:
Inspect to customers drawing and IPC-610 standards
Verify "First Piece Inspection"
Note any Defects on the Inspection Plan
Verify Polarity

Estimated Part Weight


Industry for use



Pack in Metal foil ESD Bubble Bag, Place in Over Pack Box Lined with Pink Poly Bubble Wrap

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Print
ANSI/IPC-CM-770 Class 2
ANSI/IPC-A-610 Class 2

Product Name

AR200 Circuit Board