Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Cable & Wire Harnesses for the Military & Defense Industries


Mil-Spec Manufacturing - Cage Code: 75AJ7 , fully ITAR compliant. When the quality and reliability really count, you can rely on TCS Electronics, Inc. to deliver. 

Never before has the need for precision military equipment and components been more critical - both for dealing with the immediate complexities of supporting today's modern military - and for anticipating the technology required for tomorrow's advanced applications. TCS Electronics, Inc. has a proven record of providing innovative product design, manufacturing and product fulfillment solutions for our defense and military contractors. Strict adherence to IPC 610 and 620 ensure a functional product every time - in a market where people's lives depend on it!

TCS Electronics, Inc. provides engineering support from start to finish.  Our engineering team has significant experience in contract manufacturing for the military and defense industries, as well as all the latest technical tools to ensure high-quality delivery of your component.  Our engineering team provides our customers with superior prototyping, design, and engineering services such as, but not limited to, computer-aided engineering (CAE) and manufacturing (CAM), concurrent engineering, and electrical design automation.  Engineering services provided:

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)                   
Design Assistance                 
Concept Development                      
Concurrent Engineering                    
Test Engineering                   
Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
Design for Procurement (DFP)
Reverse Engineering
Process Engineering

Quality delivery of product is the number one objective at TCS Electronics, Inc.  Therefore, our Test Engineering Group does product testing throughout the manufacturing process.  We ensure that all our products, whether printed circuit boards, custom cable and wire harnesses, or the complete box/sub-assembly builds, are put through a broad range of stringent engineering analyses, such as measurement and failure, fatigue, and stress testing. Test engineering services provided:

Test planning and development
Test fixture development and build              
Cable & Harness testing for shorts/opens                
IC programming                    
Automated Optical Inspection                      
Product-specific functional testing
Flying Probe capability
Manufacturing Defects Analyzer testing
On board programming
X-Ray Inspection


TCS Electronics, Inc. delivers a lean manufacturing contract manufacturing option to the military and defense industries.  We offer manufacturing from prototyping to volume builds in printed circuit board assembly, custom cable, and wire harnesses manufacturing, and complete box and sub-assembly builds.  

In PCB assembly we have significant experience in both flex as well as traditional rigid board, single or double-sided, automated SMT, and special hand-working options, including through-hole.  Our assortment of soldering options, board material options, and conformal coating options can meet any design specification needed.


Our Cable and Wire Harness capability can deliver cable and wire from 30 to 2 gauge, lengths from .5 inch to 500 feet, and in a variety of materials, such as braided, mineral insulated, molded, over-molded, neoprene molded, semi-rigid, and shielded.  We deal in most types of cable: coaxial, coaxial ribbon, flat, braided, multiconductor, and pigtail.   Our cables have been used in military communications, satellite data transfer, and similar defense usages.

A competitive advantage of being both a printed circuit board assembler and a custom cable manufacturer is the ability and technical know-how in building complete electro-mechanical box and sub-assembly builds.  Our technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment mean fast prototyping, quick volume builds, and high-quality results to the military and defense industries.

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